The modern podcast client for the free desktop.

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Full Audio and Video Support

Subscribe, browse, and listen to any podcast - audio or video.

iTunes Store Integration

Search across and browse the most popular podcast directory in the world.

Streaming and Downloading

Stream episodes on-the-fly, or save them for offline listening or permanent archival.

Custom Skip Intervals

Your time is valuable, so Vocal lets you set custom time intervals for the skip forward and backward buttons (so you can catch something you missed a few seconds ago, or jump forward a few minutes to breeze past an advertisement).

Smart Library Management

Never worry about old downloads filling up your hard disk! Vocal periodically cleans your library so the freshest content is always available, while also keeping the cruft out.

Position Saving

Vocal remembers exactly where you were in each episode, so it can start back right where you left off.

Full System Integration

With native notifications, launcher count and progress bar support, system media keys, and sound menu integration, Vocal feels right at home in most modern Linux distributions.

And much more...

Try it for yourself to see what all Vocal has to offer.


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elementary OS

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Flatpak for All Linux Distributions

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Also available in GNOME Software out-of-the-box in Fedora and openSUSE.

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