Bug Reports

There are many ways that normal users can get involved with the project. Perhaps the easiest and most helpful way to contribute is by reporting bugs whenever you run into a problem or notice that something isn’t quite right. Simply visit our bugs page on Launchpad and click on the “Report a bug” link in the top right corner of the page.


We want Vocal to be available for each user in their own native language. If you are multilingual, visit our translations page to review existing translations and add your own.


Donations are a tremendous help for the project and are appreciated greatly. Visit our donations page to make a monetary contribution.


Are you a designer? There are many times when we could use some design work in Vocal, whether it be new icons, banners, or other assets that will eventually become a core part of the app. If you are interested in helping out, keep an eye on our blog for new requests. You can also send an email to and I’ll put you on my list of people to call on when such a need arises.


We always welcome code contributions from everyone! The best way to get started is to head over to our Launchpad page, find a bug that needs fixed, and work your magic!

Simply submit a merge request and we’ll review your work. Once we verify that it does what it should, and that the code meets our standards, your patch will be merged into the main Vocal branch.