6 July 2015

Vocal Has a New Website

Following our last blog post several developers reached out to us and offered to help with moving our website from Squarespace over to GitHub Pages. We want to thank everyone for their willingness to help, and most of all we wish to say a huge thanks to Martin Peter (also known as quassy) for doing an outstanding job on our initial port! He has done some great work and his attention to detail is evident when you notice how similar our new site is to our old one.

That said, the work is far from over! There are still some rough spots here and there, such as the screenshot slideshow on our front page. If you think you know of a way to polish up the site our repository is hosted on GitHub and we welcome any and all pull requests! If you notice a problem with our site, please feel free to report an issue.

This also opens up the possibility for website translations, which our international users have been requesting for a while now. We will be looking into the best way of doing that over the coming weeks, so if you are interested in helping us translate our site, please stay tuned.

Thank you all again!