10 April 2015

Vocal 1.0 Now Available

Our first official release is now publicly available! Some of the features for the 1.0 release include:

  • Audio and video podcast support
  • Built-in video playback
  • Automatic checking for new episodes
  • Episode position saving
  • Streaming and downloading support (works offline)
  • Smart library management
  • Automatic downloads
  • Full system integration
  • Library importing and exporting
  • and much more!

For a more detailed overview of some of the features please visit our home page, and if you need help getting started we have in-depth documentation available as well.

Vocal is designed for elementary OS Freya and will work best there. It has also been tested to work great in Fedora and Ubuntu GNOME Remix, and should also work well in most GTK-based environments running GTK+ 3.14 and above.

Please continue to file bug reports if you encounter any issues. We will keep releasing updates in the 1.x series until we reach 2.0.

If you are new to podcasting, or would just like some suggestions, please check out our official starter guide.

Visit our downloads page for installers and information about our new stable PPA. Also, stay tuned in the next few weeks for a major announcement that I’m sure you’re going to love!