29 January 2015

Vocal is One Year Old Today!

It’s hard to say exactly when a project is “born”. Is it when the idea first hits? After the initial planning stages? At the first line of code? The public announcement? It’s hard to say, and there’s no definitive answer.

A year ago I started working on what would eventually become Vocal. I had some functional code, and I knew where I wanted it to go, but I didn’t have a name. Then, while sitting on the couch in my Fourth Doctor Decorative Bath Robe (It was the Winter holiday, after all), the name just came to me. I immediately grabbed my laptop and registered the project on Launchpad.

That was a year ago today.

So what’s ahead for Vocal? For now, let’s just say we have huge plans for version 2.0. I think you will absolutely love it. More information about that will come in the next few months. But for now, we’re focused on polishing up 1.0 and getting a stable release out to users. Right now there are 6 confirmed bugs remaining, as well as some additional issues that need to be given a closer look, and some code cleanup before it’s ready for the masses. We should have a release candidate available before too long, with the official stable release not far behind.

Thanks for an amazing year! There has been a ton of support and feedback, and it all has been greatly appreciated. Here’s to an even bigger, crazier year two.

  • Nathan