12 September 2014

New Features Available, New Album Art Chosen

I want to start this post by saying a giant thank you to Alexander Wilms and Mashnoon Ibtesum for submitting artwork for us to use when podcast album art can’t be found! Both submissions were stunning and would fit wonderfully in Vocal, but ultimately only one could be included, so we decided to use this art by Mashnoon Ibtesum (the red border is only used here to make it stand out against the background):

While most podcast feeds have album art enclosed in them, occasionally you might encounter some without it. Before now, missing artwork would have caused the app to completely break. As of last night, feeds without included cover art behave just like any other feed. There are still many improvements to be made, but this marks yet another critical bug fixed that otherwise caused a small number of users to not be able to use Vocal.

There are some other great bug fixes and new features that have been added lately that you might like. For one, a new option to Download All Episodes is available by right-clicking the album art in the library. Perhaps the other most significant improvement is the new downloads popover. Previously, multiple downloads caused the popover to keep expanding without any scrolling capabilities. Now you can move up and down between downloads seamlessly.

Additional bug fixes include a patch for an issue where episodes with absurdly long titles caused the entire window to expand, download progress information enhancements, and more work with translations support. We are aware that translations aren’t being applied for users on non-English systems, and are working hard to get that fixed for you. Stay tuned!