1 September 2014

Vocal is in Need of Generic Podcast Feed Album Art

Most podcast feeds provide their own album art, but there are times when such artwork is not available for one reason or another. Since browsing through your library is done by clicking on album art the entire experience breaks when Vocal can’t find any to use.

That’s why we need generic podcast feed album art. We would greatly appreciate any and all submissions from icon designers who would be interested in making an important contribution to the project. There aren’t many requirements, it just needs to have square dimensions, have a license that allows us to use it and distribute it freely, and most of all, it needs to look great inside the app. I feel like a lot of generic art is bland and boring, so bonus points for color!

Here are some examples of what the generic art looks like in iTunes and Music (Noise):

If we end up using your artwork we’ll feature your name in the about dialog for the app. You can send us your submissions in the usual ways: comment here on this post, tag us on Google+, mention @nathandyer_me on Twitter, or email it to mail@nathandyer.me.