8 November 2014

New Features Available, Feature and Translation Freezes Coming Soon

Yesterday we landed one of our last big features for the 1.0 release: new episode count banners on top of podcast cover art. These banners dynamically change so you can easily see which podcasts have fresh content for you to enjoy. Check it out:

Vocal also made a switch from using Gtk.IconView to Gtk.FlowBox, which means podcasts rearrange themselves automatically as the window grows.

This was one of out last main features, meaning there is now only one major new feature in development: implementing MPRIS2. As you can see, that is also currently being worked on:

Once the MPRIS2 implementation is complete we will enter feature and translations freeze. During that time we will only be focused on finding and squashing as many bugs as possible. No new major features will be added. In-app text will also remain unchanged so translators can go ahead and work their magic without having to worry that the text will change (for more information about helping out with translations visit our Get Involved page). It’s hard to say how long the feature freeze period will last before we reach our release candidate stage, but I expect it to be at least a month, if not longer.

We are getting closer and closer to our first release!